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Second Date Tips for Success. Everything You Need to Know About Going on a Second Date. There’s a script of sorts for pulling off a good first date, but once that one’s over, you’re sort of on your own. In some cases, you might be confident and suave enough to handle things from there, but for many guys, it’s like being a deer in headlights when it comes to proceeding to date number two. Let’s face it – second dates are a slightly different beast than first dates. They might be a little bit less anxiety-inducing because you’ve spent some time getting to know the person already, and they decided they wanted to see you again. Unfortunately, that can come with a bit more pressure, particularly if you’re feeling a bit of chemistry. And a good first date followed by an underwhelming second date? Well, that can be confusing, frustrating and a little bit maddening. Where did those vibes go? What happened? Is there even a point in asking for a third date now?

To help you avoid that sense of helplessness, we spoke to some dating experts to give you the second date playbook you need to ensure a positive experience — and to help you land a third date, too. 1. Should You Ask for a Second Date?

Before diving into the whats, wheres and hows of second dates, it’s fair to first ask yourself if you even want to go on one. Depending on how the first date goes, you might be on the fence. Maybe you’re attracted to the person but don’t sense much chemistry, or vice versa; maybe there’s a mismatch in terms of your interests or political leanings. According to dating coach Connell Barrett, you shouldn’t overthink the question. “All you're looking for in the first date is an answer to this question: 'Do we have pretty good chemistry?'” he says. “It doesn't have to be amazing, through-the-roof chemistry; it's totally OK if the first date is a little bit awkward at times. You're both going to have butterflies. It doesn’t have to be like a rom-com, but you just want to say, ‘Hey, is there [some] reasonable chemistry here?

Is there some potential?’” “If you feel turned on, interested, intrigued, had a 'nice' time, were a little bored but they seem good for you, feel like they were nervous and talking too much or overcompensating in some other way… go out again,” says Laurel House, dating and relationship coach and host of the “Man Whisperer” podcast. “If you feel revolted, you saw that their values and/or lifestyle are not something that works for you, or if you are on different dating purposes … don’t go out again.” Whatever you do, don’t just blindly ask them out on an autopilot setting. Instead, House says, it’s important to be real with yourself. “After each date, check in with yourself to see how you’re feeling before making the next decision as to if you want to go out again. If, after three dates, you feel like just friends with zero spark of attraction as opposed to chemistry, it’s probably a good idea to end it then.” 2. When Do You Ask for a Second Date?

If you do want to go on a second date, when should you pop that question? It’s possible to seem too eager if you ask too soon, or too blasé if you wait too long. If you want to do it perfectly, says Tina B. Tessina, Ph.D., psychotherapist and author of “Dr. Romance's Guide to Finding Love Today,” you should ask the day after the first date. Or in some cases, you can do it even sooner. “When you say goodnight after the first date, ask if they’d like to go out with you again,” she says. “Then follow up with a text or a call inviting them to something specific.” “There's no time like the present,” he says. “It's very attractive to people when you're vulnerable, honest and when you go after what you want. I recommend that a guy, if he's feeling it, set up the second date on the first date. Talk about what you might do and how much fun it's going to be the second time you see each other.” If you’re not sure how to approach that, well, it doesn’t need to be perfect. If the other person’s enjoying your company, it’s a good bet that they’ll be excited to hear that you want to see them again, and how suave in your approach shouldn’t matter. “Just speak from a true, honest place and say, ‘Hey, this was fun! Let's do this again,’” suggests Barret. “‘What does your schedule look like?

Let’s figure it out.’” 3. How Is the Second Date Different From the First? You’re probably wondering what exactly changes from the first date to the second. Of course, it’ll be slightly different for every couple, but there are a few specific things you can probably expect to see. For instance, the impact that knowing a bit more about each other can have on your dynamic. “The first date might be the first time you meet in person (if you met online), or the first time you have been alone together, so there are a lot of unknowns,” says Tessina. “You spend the first date getting acquainted, sharing the most obvious things about yourselves and trying to figure out who this new person is. The second date, you’re hopefully going in with some info. You’re starting to build the very beginnings of an actual relationship here, so it becomes more personal.” Essentially, you’ve established that there’s some chemistry, and now, it’s about learning if there’s more than just a sexual attraction. “On the second date, you’re learning how the two of you might be compatible as a couple,” says Barrett. “So the first date is, ‘Hey, do we have chemistry?’ Hopefully, yes. The second date is, ‘Hey, do our big life things align? Are we both in the same ballpark age?

Are we looking for the same things as a couple, potentially?’ So the second date is the beginning of looking beyond [that].” 4. How Should You Prepare for the Second Date? First things first — you shouldn’t be worrying too much about hooking up. While having sex on the first or second date is nice, if it’s the focus on your approach, you’re not going to have a very good time. “Get your mind on other things than the possibility of sex,” says Tessina. “It’s more likely to happen if you aren’t too focused on it.” Apart from that, it’s not a bad idea to go in with a few topics of conversation on hand — things you’re curious about that didn’t get covered on the first date. “Consider what you still would like to know about your date, and what you would like them to know about you,” she suggests. “Practice some questions to ask them: Have they traveled? What is their family like? How do they feel about their work, or school?

What are their hopes and dreams for the future?

If they ask questions about you, answer as honestly as you can, but be careful of over-sharing or talking too much at one time. Nerves tend to make some of us babble on.” “You want to be very present with your date, listening to them, hanging on their every word,” says Barrett. “When you become present in the moment, a lot of the fears and anxieties you have on a date disappear. You’re not worrying about how it goes, you’re just being present with them.” 5. What Are Some Good Second Date Ideas?

Since a good date is such a fluid concept, varying from person to person, the most important factor in choosing a second date is coming up with something your date wants to try. “Hopefully, you discussed what they like to do on a first date, and something from that list is a really good bet,” says Tessina. “If you have a very favorite place in the town or city you’re in, consider taking them there. Take them to your favorite food truck or some other unusual place — they’ll enjoy doing something different.” “Maybe [it’s] bowling, or you’re going to do pub trivia, or karaoke nights or seeing a stand-up comedy show,” suggests Barrett. “Just going out and doing an activity together, something that involves more than just the two of you talking because when you’re a couple, potentially, you’re going to be out in the world living a life together. Think of it as a dress rehearsal.” The First 8 Dates of Every New Relationship. Hi. Dating. What does it mean? We all know what carbon dating is, but regular dating? The word comes from Incan Latin. The prefix da- means “to take a chick out” and the suffix “-te” means “for drinks or whatever.” Dates back in Incan Medieval Times usually consisted of just rolling down a hill and praying to a sun god or two and then dying of smallpox, but in today’s fast-paced world, who has the time?

When it comes to dating, you gotta have a plan of attack. Think of it as war, but instead of killing people, you suck boobs and stuff. Would you go into a war just wandering around aimlessly with a map held out wide, wearing your backpack in the front like some kinda frightened European tourist? HELL NO!

If all goes well, here is how I recommend your dates progress. Note: These are suggestions for if the girl and you are hitting it off. If she hates you and is not returning your calls, do not force her to go on dates. That is kidnapping and date rape. Not like actual date rape, just forceful insistence of dating. Phase 1: Drinks – Low pressure and low cost. Assuming that you don’t know each other, this is an opportunity to feel each other out, before you feel each other up. You don’t wanna go blow a hundred bucks right off the bat at some nice dinner, just to realize the second you get there that there’s no chemistry. I didn’t even like chemistry when I was in school, but by god, did I respect it. Phase 2: Moderately Priced Dinner – Regardless of your financial situation, don’t blow your load too quickly by going to some four-star restaurant with white tablecloths, old French waiters, and men watching you relieve yourself in the bathroom. Once you establish that that is the level of restaurant she is to expect from you, you can’t go back. Pick a trendy spot; a restaurant with a one-word name like “Hutch” or “Jizz.” It’ll show her that you’re “in the know.” Picking a cool place is definitely more important than picking a fancy place. After all, this isn’t her birthday dinner! Unless it is, in which case, this girl might not have any friends or family if she’s going out on a second date for her birthday. Ditch this friendless weirdo. Phase 3: Kooky Date – Dinner and drinks are standard, but now you gotta show her that you’ve got some tricks up your sleeve. Don’t actually do any tricks for her, girls HATE magic (both the act of magic AND Magic Johnson). Some suggestions include – picnic date in the park, sporting event, ice cream stroll, apple picking, concert, comedy show, etc. Phase 4: Brunch Date – It’s a known fact that the only thing girls like more than hating their roommate is going to brunch. Brunch dates will be a nice change of pace too, because you don’t want to slip into a pattern where you only see each other at night. This makes it feel more like a real relationship, and it also ensures that she’s not a vampire. If she refuses the brunch date, she is confirmed as a vampire, and you should definitely jump ship. Phase 5: Movie Date – I am NOT a fan of actually going to the movies as an early stage date. You just sit there in the dark and you don’t talk. You’ll have plenty of time to ignore and resent each other later on in the relationship. For now, you’re still looking to get to know one another. Invite her over to watch a movie at your place. Wine is a nice touch, unless she’s a recovering alcoholic, then it’s just like, dude, have some tact. Since it’s just the two of you, you can still chat and crack jokes during the movie, and maybe even CUDDLE!

Picking the right movie is key; something light that doesn’t require a hundred percent of your attention is recommended. Lean more towards Crazy, Stupid, Love than Schindler’s List. Phase 6: Non-Bar Drinks Date – Now you’re more comfortable with each other, and have officially gone from “dates” to “dating.” What’s the difference? Simple Incan grammar, but mainly, that it’s an act that will presumably continue in the future until one of you decides otherwise. At this point, just going to a bar to get drinks feels weird, but drinking in a fun location is cool and different. Wine on your (or a friend’s) rooftop, beers as you watch the sunset on the water, sizzurp as you crip walk around a park. A much more DIY drinks date makes it feel fresh and different. Not to mention, it’s CHEAPER!

Phase 7: Take Her Out of Her Comfort Zone Date – This is a twist on the kooky date. She feels more comfortable and trusting with you now, so let’s make her immediately regret that. Do something that she hasn’t necessarily done before, and maybe even scares her. She’ll ham up her fear as an excuse to act cuddly with you, which will lead you to feel more like a man. Everybody wins! Tough to give suggestions here because I’ll need a detailed list of all of your significant other’s greatest fears, but off the top of my head, I’d suggest: gun range, demolition derby, haunted house, trapeze school, go-karts, drive through a bad neighborhood, etc. Phase 8: Reveal Your True Self Date – Well, you’ve done it. You’ve successfully presented yourself as an interesting, thoughtful, and entertaining person to date. There’s only so long you can keep up this charade. Time to let her know that the rest of your time together isn’t gonna be all rooftop wine drinking and apple picking. This is the date where you watch really shitty TV with her on the couch all day, periodically rising from the couch to answer the door to receive your food delivery. If she can’t appreciate you at your “haven’t showered, lying on the couch, watching TV all day,” then she doesn’t deserve you at your, “spruced up fancy dinner date.” 8 Minute Dating. 8 minute dating, a type of speed dating, is becoming increasingly popular for all sorts of single people. 8 minute dating is usually organized by a dating agency that a single person has previously been involved with, but singles can also join an 8 minute dating event not affiliated with any particular agency. Rules of 8 Minute Dating During an 8 Minute Dating session, men and women (although 8 minute dating has been increasing in gay communities) meet each other for eight minutes and then rotate onto another person for another eight minutes. The traditional 8 minute dating has singles meet eight different people for eight minutes at a time between rotations. At the end of an eight minute meeting, singles are forced to move onto the next date even if they are really connecting with the person they are interacting with. To reduce pressure during the date, personal information such as last names or phone numbers cannot be exchanged between meeting couples. At the end of the night, singels turn in a list of the people they would like to go on a second date with to the organizers of the meeting. If the person they would like to meet has also requested another meeting with them, contact information such as a phone number or email address are given to each person. A single person participating in 8 minute dating can pick as many people as he or she would like for a second date. Can Single Daters Really Connect in Eight Minutes? The concept of 8 minute dating is that single people try to meet several people in a short amount of time to see if any of the people could turn into potential relationship partners (or at least second dates). Two people try to get to know one another for eight minutes and see if there is a spark. Many believe that it only takes a short period of time for two people to recognize if there is any sort of mutual attraction. If you are of this philosophy then 8 minute dating may seem like a great choice. Pros of Eight Minute Dating Advocates of 8 minute dating have listed the following positive reasons why speed dating is such a great way to meet someone: You can meet several different people in a short amount of time If you don’t like someone, you can leave the date after only eight short minutes You are not stuck with the same person the entire night, as in a blind date You have an ability to test your social skills out on numerous types of people regardless of attraction You may be able to meet some new friends, if not a boyfriend or girlfriend It is a fun thing to do on a Friday or Saturday night rather than stay home alone. Cons of 8 Minute Dating The main argument for why 8 minute dating and other forms of speed dating may not be a good way for singles to meet someone is simply that a few minutes is not enough time to figure out whether or not you would enjoy a second date. Other potential cons include, depending on your personality and dating interests: too much competition as you have to compete with several other singles in the same evening, not enough differentiation between one date to the next, and having to leave the table of a person you really like when all you want to do is continue talking to that person. The bottom line is that 8 minute dating may not be for everyone, but it has definitely proven to spark compatible relationships between couples. And, it will undoubtedly continue to do so for quite some time. If you are single and want to meet a lot of people quickly, you may want to consider 8 minute dating as an option. 10 Second Date Tips for Men and Women. True First Impressions Start on the Second Date. The first date is often awkward: you might both be nervous, unsure of what to talk about, and don't even know if you're attracted to each other yet!

It's really just a vetting process, making sure that you're into each other and don't creep each other out. The second date is where the real stuff begins. The second date is where you have a chance to talk more in-depth about what's important to you. With the initial nerves behind you, it'll be easier to give your date a glimpse of your real personality and character. You'll be able to chat more about your hobbies, likes, and dislikes. Though you shouldn't divulge your deepest, darkest secrets just yet, it's still a good chance to touch lightly on some important subjects, such as past relationships and religious and political views. What to Wear on the Second Date. Dress slightly more casually on your second date than on your first date. You may have pulled out your best clothes or dress for your first date to make a sexy first impression, but you don't need to go that far on your second date. Here are some tips: Switch it up for your second date by doing a different activity—try going for a walk, eating at a new restaurant, or watching a movie. 10 Tips for Your Second Date. From clothes to conversations to flirting and kissing, this article keeps it real while discussing ideas to make your second date exciting. By the end of the date, you will be able to get a clear idea about his or her true self and get a sense if that's what you're looking for. 1. Do Something Completely Different Than the First Date. Don't repeat what you did on your first date. Doing something different will give you a new environment and a fresh perspective. Try something new, so that you won't be stuck in a loop and run out of things to talk about. A second date doesn't need to be as formal as your first one—it can be something as simple as a quick bite at your local restaurant or a good old movie date. 2. Greet Your Date With a Hug (and Maybe a Peck on the Cheek) The best way to start a second date is with a smile, a warm hug, and a cute little peck on the cheek. Give a nice and long hug using both your arms. This will instantly break the ice and help you both feel more comfortable. 3. Start Revealing Your True Self. On a first date, a person's true character is hidden behind a facade so that they can impress the other person. A second date is your first real chance to understand your date behind the facade that was put up earlier. On a second date, a couple can slowly start showing their true colors to each other. This includes a glimpse of their habits and true personality. 4. Prove That You're a Good Listener. You will make a great impression on your second date if you show that you actually listened and remembered what you talked about on your first date. This is your chance to prove that you are genuinely interested in the person. For example, if your date told you something about her brother's new job, follow it up with a question on your second date—how is your brother's new job going along? Something as simple as this will leave a lasting good impression on your date. 5. Get Personal. First-date talks generally revolve around ice-breakers, which just skim the surface of your date's personality. Allow your second-date conversations to get a bit more personal. Ask each other questions about your life journeys, past relationships, and future goals. Get to know the person beneath the skin. You may even follow up on stuff that your date told you during your first meeting; for example: "On our first date you told me that you don't get along with your family. What happened, if you don't mind me asking?" 6. Don't Start Sharing Details About Your Exes Yet. Second-date conversation is slightly tricky when it comes to talking about past relationships and exes. It may seem like a good time to vaguely touch on the topic to let your date know about your relationship history, but it's best not to reveal any details. For example, it is one thing to tell your date that you broke up with your ex, but it would be rude to say that you dumped your ex because you couldn't make him come out of his shell. Save such details for later or for when they ask. 7. Flirt More. Flirting on the first date is usually subtle and indirect. After all, no one wants to sound desperate during the very first meeting. The second date is when you can slowly loosen up and amp up the flirting. Don't shy away from giving compliments to your date. You may have been reserved about giving direct compliments to them earlier, but now is the time to make your attraction known. Here are some examples: I didn't say this last time because I was afraid of sounding awkward, but you have a great personality. I must say, you are quite a good looking man. 8. Reach Out for a Gentle, Subtle Touch (if They're Okay With It) Getting touchy-feely on the first date is a sign of desperation and would probably creep them out. On the second date, however, it is a way to signal your attraction. If you find yourself attracted to your date, look at your date's body language for signs of attraction. If you feel like your date is into it and it feels natural, here are some ideas: However, I must stress that it's extremely important to be respectful or your dates boundaries. If you notice them shifting and pulling away when you try to touch them the first time, don't try again! And, when in doubt, simply ask if what you're about to do (or alright doing) is okay. 9. Finish the Date With a Kiss (if You Both Want To!) If you see potential in your date and you want to take your connection further, a cute goodbye kiss may be on the cards. Be one hundred percent sure about your intentions give signs to your date before you lean in for your first kiss. Again, don't be afraid to ask! Consent is always sexy. The first kiss is a good test of how your date feels about the short-term future of your relationship. Negative vibes, backing away, or a complete lack of interest are signs that your date isn't as interested as you are. 10. Don't Think About Sex—Unless You Want To. Some people say that sex on the second date is not a good idea. It is too early to take things to the next level. Some think that you should give your connection more time to mature before you decide to have sex for the first time with your new partner. Getting intimate with your date so early on could create false expectations and subsequent disappointment if you are looking to form a genuine connection. However, every couple has it's own pace—some couples sleep on the first date and stay together for a while, while others never even get into bed with each other before breaking up! The most important thing is to do what you and your partner feel comfortable with. Do not worry about societal expectations or gender roles—just stay true to yourself and what your want. If you do choose to have sex, make sure that both parties give enthusiastic consent and use protection!

What Does a Second Date Mean? If someone asks you out on a second date, it means that you left a good impression on the first one! It means that they're interested in what you have to offer and want to get to know you better. A second date is still early, but it's a sign that they're willing to give you a chance. That’s why love at first sight is a myth. You don't usually start feeling butterflies and fireworks right off the bat—you need to give someone time to grow on you, time to get to know them on another level. A second date means that they want to explore that possibility with you. Expectations and Advice for Your Second Date. Much like the first date, you shouldn’t enter the second date with too many expectations. You’re still getting to know this person and should not set a bar they can’t meet. If you had a good impression on the first date, it’s really common to idealize the other person afterwards. You might daydream about them, creating unrealistic expectations and characteristics that don’t actually exist because you’re so excited at the chance of love and commitment. Before going to your next date, it’s a good idea to try to rid yourself of these idealizations—they will only set you up for disappointment. The best thing to do is to walk in with an open mind and a commitment to be yourself. Everybody moves at a different pace, so don’t stress about when you’ll kiss, stay the night, or share your darkest secrets. Just don’t allow yourself to be pressured to do something you’re not comfortable with and you’ll be alright. What to Text After the Date (With Examples) Send a Nice, Flirty Text. Flirting via text message after your second date is a must. It gives a strong signal to your date that you have developed an attraction towards him or her and are looking to get to know them further. Here are some examples of texts that you can send after your second date: Our first date was fantastic, but this one was even better!

Thanks for showing me a good time :) I had so much fun last night. Is it too early for me to start making plans for our third date?

Add Your Date on Social Media. Following the lucky guy or girl on social media is a great way of getting to know your date even further. It will be a clear sign that you are interested, and will help you get to know them better. Send your date some funny memes or like some of their posts. Look at what they post and see if you like it. All these things will help you build a good foundation for your third date and give you more to talk about. Let Them Know if You're No Longer Interested. If after the second date you realize that you're not interested, make sure to tell your date. No one appreciates being ghosted! Just be respectful and send them a simple text stating your intentions. No need to go into too much detail. Here are some ideas: Comments. I expected quite a bit more in-depth advice from the #1 ranked article. Google needs to start regulating bad content like this. It's obviously written for $5 from Fiverr. This is mostly terrible advice. Do not take your date to Subway. Do not text your date that they are the coolest person you’ve ever met. Do not say “gee you have a great body.” I’m really wondering if the author has ever been on a second date/interacted with another human. The only really usedul advice here is to do something different from the first date. Well said about approaching second dates sometimes individuals use exactly the same approach on their second dates and agree with your point in getting themselves in a loop overtime. A useful and informative hub on his topic. 8 Second-Date Ideas Perfect for You and Him to Get to Know Each Other. With a few of easy and fun tips, success on a second date is inevitable. Do not despair; we have some good second date ideas that will make you the master of dating life. Where do you go on a second date?

Sometimes, good ideas are so obvious that you don't even take them into consideration. Instead, you just ask yourself many date questions that will leave you confused. Are you and him looking to get to know each other more? The important thing is not to put too much pressure on it, because the success of the date depends on not just the place, but also on how you act. The perfect combination of two will leave your chosen one wanting for more. First dates can be stressful in terms of picking just the right places to go out to. If you made it to the second date, here is the next step. If you have ever wondered how to ask for a second date, you are not the only one. For some reason, human beings perceive this as a daunting or awkward task. To avoid such feelings, here are some second date tips. Just be honest. Ask for the date. Don't avoid it and be honest. Throughout the conversation, assuming there is one; try to find a topic that will tell you some place the person wants to visit. If you pay attention, date night ideas are sure to come along on their own. Then take advantage of it and propose the second date that includes going out to that place, or something similar. It will definitely work, as long as the place isn't Paris, and you don't own a private jet. At least not yet… Explore nature. If asking for a second date wasn't hard enough, now you have to think of a place where to go. Luckily, some second date ideas don't require much planning, as is the case with going outdoors. Get to know each other, surrounded by beautiful surroundings. Take a stroll around the local park, or go on a hiking trail together. Maybe even take a safari adventure? It all depends on the character of your date, but you should be the judge of that. Mainly, this is a good second date because you can be alone and close to each other, and all you are left to do is enjoy the scenery, get to know each other better and if you are lucky, land the second date kiss. But don't push it. Mix food with love. Here come some romantic date ideas. Almost everyone loves to visit a nice restaurant and try something new. Or even take him to restaurant he likes the most, that is, if you have paid attention on your first date, and tried to find that out. Go to a place where all senses will activate. There is something about cute food and love that just goes perfect together, as we have seen in the movies so very often Lady and the Tramp. If you got the kind of guy that doesn't enjoy in fancy dining, you can always take him to a picnic. Take the extra effort and make a picnic for him with some of your homemade food. You will get to enjoy the food, have a conversation and you will take the tension of the date for sure. Go out on the water. Good second date ideas include being out on water, in the open where you can be close to each other, yet experience something exciting. Take him where he doesn't usually go. Take a boat ride, or an evening cruise. He will be in love with your creative date ideas so far, and the second date will be so romantic, that coming back to the land will be the saddest part of the date, and keep him wanting more the next day. Be creative together. Going to a class together can be one of those good date ideas as long as you both are on that track. If he is the artistic type, take a pottery class, or go painting together. Make and learn something new. Apart from learning something new, you will have the opportunity to see each other in creative action, which is always fun. In addition, you will test out his artistic skills. It is a good place, because you can get to know each other better, talk yet, take the pressure of by doing something that will relax you and motivate you at the same time. Skate no matter which season. If you both enjoy working our, and talking about sports, being in the nature and exercising, then why not include it in the date?

Fun idea for the athletic types. We are not suggesting a ten-mile run, of course. But you can always go ice-skating or rollerblading. You will still be close to each other and the pleasure of you both doing an activity you enjoy will bring you even closer together. Let the music play. Enjoy your love for music together. Do what you both love to do. And if, in this case, that means listening to music, then so be it. Attend a concert together, or if you have more of an old soul, go to a jazz club together. This creates a perfect movie scene for that second date kiss you are so longing for. Visit the zoo. Take a trip down the animal lane. If you are both animal lovers, that is even better. As we have mentioned before, doing something you both enjoy, will bring you even closer together, and there will be no awkward silences because topics for conversation will keep imposing on their own. End it on the sweet note. The only second date rules you have to follow are the following: don't be awkward and don't be pushy. The rest is up to you. Make sure to leave a positive impression and definitely ask for the third date, if you feel you have hit it off. Second date ideas work well on third dates as well, so now you are ready to knock him off his feet. Posts Related to 8 Second-Date Ideas Perfect for You and Him to Get to Know Each Other That We Thought You Would Like : Staff Picked Interesting Articles Worth Reading. 9 Simple Last Minute Date Ideas Where You Can Have a Good Time. Usually you want to take your time planning your date, but sometimes that’s just not possible. These last minute notices don’t leave too many options open for you, but this list will give you a helping hand when you need it. Of course, you need to know what your date likes doing, hopefully you have a few minutes to spare to discuss where he wants to go before you start off the date. 13 Third Date Ideas to Make Him Want to Run Back to You. If you are stuck in a rut after the first and second date and you don’t know where to go, you are in the right place. Third date ideas can be tricky if you have already used your best on the first and second date. Stay tuned for some third date advice that will help you create an exciting date worth remembering. Out of Gift Ideas for Him? 4 Perfect Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend. If you are shopping around for ideas on what to get your boyfriend for his birthday or for Valentine’s Day, you can find ideas on how to make his day really special by taking steps to ensure that you will get the perfect gift that he will absolutely love. For this you will have to take his personality into consideration. 10 Amazingly Cheap Date Night Ideas to Spend Less Dating. Dating is fun and exciting, but expensive. So, sometimes we need to resort to cheap date ideas that will go easy on our wallet from time to time. Spending a lot of money on a date does not mean it is going to be fun. Sometimes cheap dates can be just as exciting and bonding, as the expensive dates. Stay tuned for some fun yet inexpensive date ideas. 11 Fun-Fun First Date Ideas for the Best Time with Him. Rather than asking everyone for advice on what to do when you are going on your first date with someone, you are at the right place. Here, you will know exactly what to do when you are going out with a guy on your first date. Read on because it is going to be worth your time!

Top 10 Second Date Mistakes That Make Her Lose Interest. Avoid these common mistakes!

Second date kiss Second date expectations Second date tips How to act on a second date What not to do on a second date. The Top 10 Second Date Mistakes. 1. Letting Too Much Time Pass between Date #1 and Date #2. Girls lose interest in a guy if he lets too much time pass between dates. A girl’s interest in you is HIGHEST immediately after the first date. Schedule the 2 nd date 1-3 days after the first date. Make sure the second date happens within a week after the first date. 2. Picking Her Up in a Dirty Car for a 2nd Date. If you are picking a girl up in your car, make sure it is clean and smells nice. A smelly, dirty car is a huge turn off to women. 3. Taking a Personal Call on a Second Date. 4. Repeating the Same Date (a Mistake!) 5. Not Touching the Girl During the Date. 6. Looking Sloppy – Crappy Clothes and Unkempt Facial Hair. If you showered, shaved your beard, and wore nice pants and a collared shirt for a first date, you need to do the same for a second date. Would you want a girl to show up in heals and a red dress on a first date, and show up in baggy gym shorts and a boring t-shirt on a 2 nd date?

7. Walking Ahead of Her. Charging ahead and leaving a girl behind is rude. It sends the message of, “I am doing my own thing. Follow me.” This is a huge turn off. 8. Stopping the Charm on the 2nd Date. 9. Not Paying for the Second Date (a Big Mistake!) 10. No Kiss or Extended Hug after the Date. If you don’t give a woman an extended hug or a kiss at the end of the second date, a woman will wonder if there is chemistry between the two of you. If you don’t make a move, she will think you are a Beta male who has no clue how to take charge. Or worse, she’ll start to think that you suck in the bedroom too. Women are usually comfortable with hugs (we hug our guy friends), so make sure to at least give a girl a tight hug at the end of the second ate. Want More Second Date Tips?

8.5 Other Dating Methods. There are numerous other techniques for dating geological materials, but we will examine just two of them here: tree-ring dating (i.e., dendrochronology) and dating based on the record of reversals of Earth’s magnetic field. Dendrochronology can be applied to dating very young geological materials based on reference records of tree-ring growth going back many millennia. The longest such records can take us back to 25 ka, to the height of the last glaciation. One of the advantages of dendrochronology is that, providing reliable reference records are available, the technique can be used to date events to the nearest year. Dendrochronology has been used to date the last major subduction-zone earthquake on the coast of B.C., Washington, and Oregon. When large earthquakes strike in this setting, there is a tendency for some coastal areas to subside by one or two metres. Seawater then rushes in, flooding coastal flats and killing trees and other vegetation within a few months. There are at least four locations along the coast of Washington that have such dead trees (and probably many more in other areas). Wood samples from these trees have been studied and the ring patterns have been compared with patterns from old living trees in the region (Figure 8.5.1). Figure 8.25.1 Example of tree-ring dating of dead trees. Figure 8.5.2 Sites in Washington where dead trees are present in coastal flats. The outermost wood of eight trees was dated using dendrochronology, and of these, seven died during the year 1699, suggesting that the land near to the coast was inundated by water at that time. At all of the locations studied, the trees were found to have died either in the year 1699, or very shortly thereafter (Figure 8.5.2). On the basis of these results, it was concluded that a major earthquake took place in this region sometime between the end of growing season in 1699 and the beginning of the growing season in 1700. Evidence from a major tsunami that struck Japan on January 27, 1700, narrowed the timing of the earthquake to sometime in the evening of January 26, 1700. For more information, see The 1700 Juan de Fuca Earthquake. Changes in Earth’s magnetic field can also be used to date events in geologic history. The magnetic field makes compasses point toward the North Pole, but, as we’ll see in Chapter 10, this hasn’t always been the case. At various times in the past, Earth’s magnetic field has reversed itself completely, and during those times a compass would have pointed to the South Pole. By studying magnetism in volcanic rocks that have been dated isotopically, geologists have been able to delineate the chronology of magnetic field reversals going back to 250 Ma. About 5 million years of this record is shown in Figure 8.5.3, where the black bands represent periods of normal magnetism (“normal” meaning similar to the current magnetic field) and the white bands represent periods of reversed magnetism. These periods of consistent magnetic polarity are given names to make them easier to reference. The current normal magnetic field, known as Brunhes, has lasted for the past 780,000 years. Prior to that there was a short reversed period and then a short normal period known as Jaramillo. Oceanic crust becomes magnetized by the magnetic field that exists as the crust forms from magma. As it cools, tiny crystals of magnetite that form within the magma become aligned with the existing magnetic field and then remain that way after all of the rock has hardened, as shown in Figure 8.5.4. Crust that is forming today is being magnetized in a “normal” sense, but crust that formed 780,000 to 900,000 years ago, in the interval between the Brunhes and Jaramillo normal periods, was magnetized in the “reversed” sense. Chapter 9 has a discussion of Earth’s magnetic field, including where and how it is generated and why its polarity changes periodically. Figure 8.5.4 Depiction of the formation of magnetized oceanic crust at a spreading ridge. Coloured bars represent periods of normal magnetism, and the small capital letters denote the Brunhes, Jaramillio, Olduvai, and Gauss normal magnetic periods (see Figure 8.5.2). Magnetic chronology can be used as a dating technique because we can measure the magnetic field of rocks using a magnetometer in a lab, or of entire regions by towing a magnetometer behind a ship or an airplane. For example, the Juan de Fuca Plate, which lies off of the west coast of B.C., Washington, and Oregon, is being and has been formed along the Juan de Fuca spreading ridge (Figure 8.5.5). The parts of the plate that are still close to the ridge have normal magnetism, while parts that are farther away (and formed much earlier) have either normal or reversed magnetism, depending on when the rock formed. By carefully matching the sea-floor magnetic stripes with the known magnetic chronology, we can determine the age at any point on the plate. We can see, for example, that the oldest part of the Juan de Fuca Plate that has not subducted (off the coast of Oregon) is just over 8 million years old, while the part that is subducting underneath Vancouver Island is between 0 and about 6 million years old. Figure 8.5.5 The pattern of magnetism within the area of the Juan de Fuca Plate, off the west coast of North America. The coloured shapes represent parts of the sea floor that have normal magnetism, and the magnetic time scale is shown using the same colours. The blue bands represent Brunhes, Jaramillo, and Olduvai; the green represents Gauss; and so on. (Note that in this diagram, sea-floor magnetism is only shown for the Juan de Fuca Plate, although similar patterns exist on the Pacific Plate.) The fact that magnetic intervals can only be either normal or reversed places significant limits on the applicability of magnetic dating. If we find a rock with normal magnetism, we can’t know which normal magnetic interval it represents, unless we have some other information. Using Figure 8.5.3 for reference, determine the age of a rock with normal magnetism that has been found to be between 1.5 and 2.0 Ma based on fossil evidence. Media Attributions. the study of the timing of reversals of the Earth’s magnetic field, and the application of that understanding to dating geological materials.

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